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Město:Blatnice pod sv. Antonínkem
Země: Česká republika
Obsazení: Jan - bass/vocal

Thomas - guitars

Ozzzy - guitars

HB - drums
Historie:Incalm is a progressive metal band formed in Blatnice pod Svatym Antoninkem, Czech Republic in the year of 2001. The band released their first demo, entitled “Emergency” in 2001 and released their second demo, “Save My Soul” in 2004. Incalm has never released a full-length album. In 2007 , leaving the band guitarist 1/4, bassist Hrb and keyboardist/vocalist Wavřoň. Jan also leaves the second guitar and holds the position of vocalist / bassist. Guitars are replaced by Thomas and Ozzzy. Incalm tried a lot genres of music. Now the band is in a new outfit. Music turned into a shock and sharp guitar riffs and aggressive vocals = progressive hardcore / metalcore. Incalm plans to create a new album in the spring of 2012, which already carries these style of music. All the songs from the upcoming EP the band plays on their performances.

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